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Behavioural Consulting 

Our behavioural consulting team includes a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Behavioural Consultants who uses evidence based and play based practices in their pursuit to help children succeed emotionally, socially, and academically. See below for all of the areas our team can help your family! 

About Radhika

With over 12 years of experience working with children, Radhika has developed an empathetic and playful approach to supporting families.  Radhika has worked both in the school system and within home services.  She specializes in supporting children's academic needs along with independence, social skills and daily living skills to name a few. Using a strengths-based and connection approach, Radhika has been successful in creating meaningful changes in her client's lives. 


Having earned her BCBA designation, she has been able to further her knowledge in various complex diagnoses.  Radhika also provides Sand Tray therapy for children who have experienced internal struggles and for whom traditional talk therapy has been unsuccessful.


Viviana is an emotional behavioural Specialist (EBS). Throughout her experience, she has worked at specialized schools with children with the highest-risk behaviours and those experiencing mental health illness. She has an incredible ability to make meaningful

connections with the kids and parents she works with. 


As an EBS, Viviana has been able to efficiently collaborate with instructional personnel, Multidisciplinary team, and home teams, to successfully support children she works with. Viviana uses a combination of observations and research-based information to appropriately support children; thru the

collection of data and other vital information pertaining to the child dealing with behavioral or mental health challenges, Viviana creates, and implements effective supportive plans, and strategies that are unique to each child and family. Monitoring children consistently to

observe changes is vital for Viviana’s practice. Viviana has an extensive knowledge of needs and behavior of children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, ODD, FASD, OCD, Generalized Anxiety, Trauma, and Learning disabilities. 


As a Behavioral Consultant with Alberta Therapy Co, Viviana would love to bring all her expertise to help your family with implementing intervention plans tailored to your needs. Working one-on-one with your kid and using efficient teaching methods to target specific

behaviours and achieve goals to satisfy each one of your unique needs. Viviana’s approach and philosophy is highly based on strong connections with your kid and you as parents and keeping in mind your unique needs. Viviana is always looking for innovated strategies considering each of the factors that might affect behaviours. Viviana is a very compassionate person and will always be there to listen to your concerns and challenges, and to support you and guide you as a

parent, as she believes you as parents/guardians are key to the success of your child.


Outside of work you can find Viviana at the gym, spending time with her 2 kids and husband and

driving the kids around to soccer and Tennis practices and games. Even though Viviana is not good at any of the sports her kids practice, she loves watching her kids and gets passionate when it comes to competitive games.


Viviana can’t wait to meet your family and show her passion for the field.


About Viviana 

About Josh 

Day Care

What can a Behaviour Consultant support with?


  • Address challenging behaviours

  • Cooperation, transitions, engagement

  • Teaching adaptive skills

  • Support children with ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, etc. 

  • Support children with academic barriers

  • Emotional challenges – self-esteem, confidence building

  • Empowering parents to guide children

  • Guiding interventions with progress reports

  • Connection and play based therapy

  • Supporting independence and autonomy

  • Promoting positive social skills

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