Occupational Therapy Team


Shelly joins our team with 28 years of practice as an occupational therapist working with toddlers to seniors. Her passion and drive for advocating for family's needs has been highlighted in her time with Alberta Therapy Co. Shelly takes a client centered approach and has extensive knowledge of clinically accepted assessment, treatment methods, equipment, adaptations to promote independence in individual and in-group settings for mental health, cognitive, sensory and physical needs. 


Shelly can help you or your family members address assessment and strategies for sensory processing, emotional regulation, fine motor and visual motor in relation to self-care and academic success, social skills and play skills, ability to sleep independently, and instrumental activities of daily living for youth/adults such as grocery shopping, organizing the day, being safe in the environment, budgeting, leisure activities and public transportation. 

Shelly Craig 


Jessica Edwards 

Jessica grew up in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. She then moved to Edmonton to complete her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Alberta. 

During her career, she has supported children through her work at non-profit organizations, private practice, and school boards. Her experiences working on multi-disciplinary teams and forming collaborative relationships allow her to truly deliver a family-centred approach to practice. 

Jessica's clinical scope of practice includes assessment and intervention around feeding and swallowing, sensory and motor development, visual-motor development, activities of daily living, and challenging behaviours. She strongly believes that therapy should be play-based, individualized and most importantly, fun! 

Sensory regulation

Self Help Skills 

Feeding & Swallowing

Body Awareness 

Fine Motor & handwriting

Social Skills & play 

Activities of Daily living 

Coordination & Strength 

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Child in Air Yoga