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Playing with Toys

Speech Language Pathology 

Assessment and Consultation

Receptive (understanding of) language assessment

Expressive (use of) language assessment  

Program Unit Funding assessments and reports

Speech assessment 

Free consultations 

Fluency (stuttering)

Apraxia of Speech assessment



Personalized approaches 

Speech therapy 

Social communication 

Language development 

Vocabulary building 


Fluency treatment 

Apraxia of Speech therapy


Areas of Interest

Augmentative and Alternative Communication 

PROMPT Approach (Apraxia of Speech) 

Lidcombe Program (Fluency) 

Developmental disabilities

Parent & Staff Coaching

More Than Words (Hanen Centre) 

It Takes Two To Talk (Hanen Centre) 

Talkability (Hanen Centre) 

Workshops for early language strategies 

One on one parent coaching sessions


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